Republic of North Macedonia

About this unexplored gem of the southern Balkans:

Form of government: parliamentary republic
Population: 2,082,328 (Macedonians, 64%; Albanians, 25,2%)
Etnic minorities: Roma, Turks, Aromanians (also known as Vlachs), Pomaks (Muslim Bulgarians), Serbs
Capital city: Skopje, population 506,926
Languages: Macedonian, Albanian
Religions: Orthodox Christianity, Islam
Currency: denar
Neighbouring countries: Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria
25,713 square kilometres, largely mountainous; 35% of the territory covered with woods; Highest peak (2,764m) is known as Mount Korab (Golem Korab)
National holiday: Independence Day, marked on September 8th (that day in 1991, the republic gained its independence from Yugoslavia)
Macedonia's three national parks occupy 4% of its territory.
The town of Ohrid and the surrounding region are listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


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