Solo traveller, let's create together your 100% personalized trip !

 I create with you a tailor made trip that suits your needs, dreams and budget...

What ever your situation is :

You are very busy and don't have time to organize your trip
You have been through hard time and you need a break
You just broke up, time to make a gift to yourself 
Hubby isn't a travel person / friends are not free on your travel dates
You don't use to travel alone
Kids left the nest, you have time for yourself
Going to a foreign country is a little bit scary
You need a vacation, but don't know where to start?

Here I am 😀 to help you and inspire you to make real this so needed time.
Together we will build the perfect trip for you, unique as you !

My Tailor Made Trip
€ 210
  • 2 hours * preparing together your trip : you telling me all  about your budget, needs, requests, dreams...
  • Me giving you :
  • - an idea for a consistent program of your stay, with suggestion of activities
  • - advices and tips for a worry free stay, from what to put in your suitcase, renting a car or using local transport... All the details that will make a difference between a banal tourist trip and an unforgetable journey.
  • - help to find airlines/boat tickets
  • + list of greek words .

From new retreats in stunning locations to gastronomic escapades and local discoveries,
 our newsletter will keep you informed and inspired for your next getaway to Greece.