Greek National Anthem

Hymn to Freedom:

I recognize you the edge
your sword formidable;
I'll admit to this cursory glance
Which you measure the earth.
Released bones
Sacred of the Greeks,
And your old high energy

Hail, hail, O Freedom! (× 3)
Dionýsios Solomós
Greek poet born in Zakinthos (1798 - 1857)

Healing plants

In Greece, the popular common sense - Which leans on millenniums medical knowledge - leave a important part for the use of healing plants in the daily life. For example: the daily herb tea: the sage,
" plant of the women ", besides its digestive virtues, acts as hormonal regulator. In cooking : the oregano (collected in the scrubland, dried and crumbled) gives all its identity to the Greek salad; with the juice of 1 or 2 lemon and some good olive oil, accompanies the baked chicken... Rosemary, olive tree, thyme, basil, camomile, verbena , anise, hibiscus (flower) are in our plates or our cups, for our pleasure and our health.


"If anyone rises up against the people to set up tyranny or help settle tyranny, or try to harm the people and democracy of the Athenians, so be honoring the one who will kill the one who has undertaken one of those crimes. That no member of the Aéropage state, if democracy is destroyed, be permitted to climb on the airplane, participate in a meeting, or make a decision on any matter, and It produces something similar, that he and his descendants are deprived of their political rights, that his fortune be restored to the people, and that one-tenth of his fortune be given to the Gods. "
336 BC


Europe has another country than France for good wines !!! When the sun shines all year long, the land is rich enough to feed the wine stock, wine growers loves what they are doing.
Results are here. Do you really believe that the Greek Gods were driking nectar ?

Traditonal costums 

Traditional cretan costume

Traditional macedonian costum

Traditional thessalionic costum

Traditional greek costum

Evzones, unit of the greek army

Traditonal pontian costum

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