Few things about me...


25 years of living in 🇬🇷 

Travel Designer since 2010
French nationality,  Greek roots 

Truth seeker🔎  Cat person 🐱
Freedom  and  Nature  lover 🌿
Simple life   🌸   Authenticity
Philosophy ♾   Cultures of the world 🌎   History📖
Food🥗     Beach🩱   Astrology🌟

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My Travel Philosophy 

Before being a travel designer, I worked many years in the mass tourism sector as travel tour operator representative, so I know "all inclusive" hotels are not the right way to discover a country, and how this form of travelling can damage the natural and cultural environment. 

That is why I made the "big jump" (Oh yes I was affraid to fly by my own!!) to work as a freelance travel designer, to show "my" authentic Greece, the one I know, love and respect. 

So now, all my stays are built in harmony with the natural, cultural and social environment.

 I am proud :
 to support local economy (which is particularly important for rural communities)
  to ensure preservation of all area's natural, cultural and social resources by organising stay with only small groups