Cultural immersion and female empowerment 

Unique travel experiences for women who wish to explore Greece in a safe and supportive environment. 

 A space where we can connect with like-minded individuals, empower each other and share our experiences and happy moments.
 A opportunity to build friendships, gain new perspectives, and create lasting memories with other women.

Solo traveler myself, I know that safety is a priority for us, so I carefully select accommodations, transportation, and activities that are known to be safe and suitable for women travelers. 

As we need to take care of ourselves, I try to incorporate activities that offer wellness and self care as yoga, massages, meditation...

You are welcome to join me for a break from our crazy world, and practice the forgotten art of sorority while enjoying amazing landscapes and resourcing yourself.

Contact me for more information, thank you. πŸ’‹

Calendar 2023 - 2024

  • 2023, 23-31 december

    ✨ Christmas under the olive trees... ✨

    Live like a local the last days of 2023. Far from mass tourism, enjoy the daily life in a small greek town surronded by amazing nature. Discover the religious celabrations, go for walks in the mountains or by the seaside. Taste the local foods and share with over like minded women this unique travel experience.

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  • 2024/01 - 10, january

    🍊 Gastronomic New Year 🍊

    A delicious way to start the new year, by discovering all the best of the greek cooking. And learn about the healthy local products.

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  • February 2024

    πŸ₯— Greek cooking lessons πŸ₯—

    To learn to cook easy, healthy and yummy dishes. And continue at home to have a smart way of eating.

  • MARCH 2024

    πŸ‹ Detox Retreat πŸ‹

    March being the best month for detox, this stay is an opportunity to take care of our body and our soul. A clean soul in a clean body.

  • April 2024

    πŸͺ· Yoga πŸͺ·

    Yoga stay

  • May 2024

    β˜€ Orthodox Easter β˜€

Coliving for women only in Greece :